Marketing…More Than Just an Open House

Local Web Presence

The vast majority of  Vancouver Island real estate searches start online.  A professional website that links potential home buyers search criteria, is an absolute must. Having a top functioning website is key to having potential home buyers narrow down their choices. Your home is visible on our search engine.

Professional Photography

We only hire professional photographers for all our clients.  You deserve your property to be shown in the best possible light.  A professional photograph can make all the difference while potential clients are searching for just the right home.

Open House

Some realtors dismiss the open house, saying it’s an outdated custom that’s carried on mainly to placate home sellers. Other real estate pros remain devoted to the method. Our track records show that open houses can, and often do, get the property sold. That includes online marketing, printing and assembling packets of information for attendees, placing signs around the house, and hosting the actual event. “It’s a full day of work,” Andrea says, “but we do it because we believe in it and we have success with it.”


Statistical Data

We have and continue to compile statistical data that benefits both the buyer and the seller.  With our connection to the Vancouver Island Real State Board (VIREB), the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we have pertinent information at our fingertips.  Along with changing markets, interest rate changes, and other variable we are the source for the most current, relative data.

Print Media

Monthly Market Updates

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