Andrea Gueulette Commission Rates

It’s important that there is transparency through the entire real estate transaction.   That’s why we are upfront with our real estate fees. Real estate service fees are to be paid by the seller. No fees are required by the purchaser.

Brokerage fees are calculated by a percentage of the sale price (for real estate) Current fee rate is 7% on the first 100,000 then 3% on the remaining balance. The brokering of real estate is a service, thus GST is in addition to the final commission price. Commission fee + GST= Total fees due to realtor.

The 7% of the first one hundred thousand is paid to the brokerage ( real estate company)
The remainder 3% is split equally at 1.5% each between the listing realtor and the selling realtor.

The GST currently @ 7% is added to the sum of the total above.